Welcome to the everyStory blog!

What is it about a story that makes you smile from ear to ear, or maybe even shed a happy tear or two? everyStory whole heartedly believes that there is in fact a formula for powerful storytelling through photos, and it’s no different when it comes to telling stories with our new app, now available for iOS devices and coming soon to Android. We asked each member on the team what their best tip is for making the most of your memories. Here’s what we came up with:

    • Think outside the box. Albums don’t just have to be for huge milestone events; every day life is just as sweet! Think of fun ways to theme your albums, like “Superhero Parents” or “Future MVPs.”
    • Take a few minutes to plan out your photo adventures. Create an album for your journey and invite your travel companions to collaborate ahead of time. Whether you’re ready for takeoff or homeward bound, you’ll never miss a moment when you use this tip to prep your everyStory album.
    • Collect different perspectives on every photo using everyStory’s voiceover feature. Each person that interacts on the album has the opportunity to record a story for every picture that’s uploaded.
    • Zoom out a little. Often times, photography focuses on people. Try showing a little more content in your photos by including some of your subject’s environment. Including a backdrop in your photos will make them more vibrant (the context of your photo story will be extra rich once you narrate it with your voiceover, too).
    • Frame your stories. Think of the whole world as your personal photo studio! When photographing your subject, consider using natural framing like windows, door frames, street signs and trees.
    • Get goofy. Tell funny jokes to catch your friends and loved ones laughing and in the moment! A smile may be worth a thousand words, but when you record their laughter the moment will become priceless.