Welcome back to the everyStory blog!

Last week, our blog featured the perfect formula for telling interactive stories through photos with the help of the everyStory app, now available for iOS devices and coming soon to Android. And, it turns out we have so much more to cover on the topic of storytelling and the impact photos have not only on family and friends, but the entire world. everyStory users are taking the functionality of the app to new heights that we could have never imagined. Our app has several amazing capabilities that preserve memories and enable you to make the most out of your photos with advanced interactive and collaboration features.

A family unit can be interpreted in several ways and at everyStory we work together as one, so we wanted to take a moment to introduce the team (aka family) behind everyStory by letting them share a favorite memory or two, as well as a tip for how they personally use everyStory to capture those everyday happenings that are oh-so-precious…and priceless. Say hello to:

Dave Keene, Founder and CTO: “Play time with my son always makes for some awesome everyStory moments. I will take a picture of our game or what we are playing (usually Lego™), and then right before bedtime we bring up everyStory for a few minutes and talk about the picture using the audio recording technology. He’s really taken to it! A couple days ago he asked my wife to take a picture of Hot Dog (or pet fish) so he could do a story about him that night. I’m creating a cute archive of how my son’s voice changes over time, and he is becoming more confident at explaining things clearly.”

Ed Cox, CEO: “everyStory has allowed me to capture some of the most breathtaking moments with my first child, my precious baby girl. I’ve been able to capture the sights and sounds of her first coo to her first steps. The best part about this tool is having the ability to share these stories with the extended family and get their point of view on every photo using our voiceover feature. I love logging in to everyStory and listening to the new audio recordings and reading new comments.”

Becky Senger, Visual Design and Community: “I love to relive memories with friends and family on everyStory. Scrolling through my interactive photo albums floods my head and heart with memories, and when I am able to listen to the voices I’ve captured, it brings the pictures to life in ways like never before. Sharing my album with friends and family allows them to collaborate and record their own story on any picture in the album (imagine everyone in a family reunion photo being able to do a voiceover story of the photo!). I’ve created my own interactive family history book that we can cherish forever.”

Geno Kostikov, Business Operations: “I use everyStory to capture the great stories told by my grandparents. Since they live far way, I am not able to see them as often as I’d like, but knowing that I can open our app up at any moment and listen to their voices makes me feel like they are close by – again, one of my favorite features of the app is the accessibility. I can add to my albums or share them with my community, anywhere, anytime. My grandparents are much more comfortable with speaking than they are with typing so this is a quick and easy way to them to communicate with me. I think it’s helping them with recalling memories as well. It always feels good when I ask them about a photo and they are able to look at it on everyStory and say, ‘Oh yes, now I remember,” and then the epic story telling begins!”

There you have it folks; we’re the everyStory team and it’s nice to meet you! What’s one memorable moment that you’ve captured using our app? Share with us!