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As much as we look forward to seeing our loved ones over the holidays, it is no secret that this time of year is also notorious for bringing out little kerfuffles in even the most functional of families. To make this holiday season as enjoyable and merry as possible, we’ve compiled a list of strategies that will ensure your visit with family is as easy as pie – maybe even pumpkin pie!

  • Family Bonding – Pencil in some evenings dedicated solely to family time. Oftentimes the moments when we are least occupied with sightseeing and holiday busy-ness are the ones when the best memories are made. So make memory-making a priority! Squeeze in some precious time with your loved ones by looking over an everyStory album together. Not only are everyStory albums great for reminiscing and having some laughs, they are a sure way to create new memories for the years to come. Challenge: Do a photo voiceover where everyone is singing Jingle Bells, even the ones that “can’t sing.”
  • Money Matters – If you are taking a trip as a family, have conversations about the upfront costs involved to avoid any misunderstandings or confusion. Remember to be considerate of others’ financial restrictions; maybe it isn’t necessary to book the most expensive hotel or eat out for every meal. If your family has invited you as a guest, preparing a family dinner or planning a group activity – such as a movie night or theatre performance — is a nice gesture to express your gratitude. Remember, majority of life’s precious moments don’t have a price tag associated with them.
  • Self-Care – As much as we love our families, being around them 24/7 can be draining. Dedicate some of your holiday vacation to unwinding, de-stressing, and relaxing, so that you can truly enjoy it. A great way to do this is to find an active outlet that you can do alone; whether it’s walking with the family dog, dropping in at a local yoga studio, or adding to your everyStory album – some like to think of it as a digital journal entry. Feel free to take some evenings to yourself if you need to.
  • Turn Down the Tension – Be the peacekeeper at family gatherings by avoiding sore subjects with your family members that you know will cause tempers to rise. A strong tactic to keep things civil is to acknowledge the other person’s opinion and open up the discussion to a peaceful compromise. Though the result may not be exactly what you had hoped for, it still beats ruining the moment and the joyful memories that come with it. Remember, the holidays are meant to bring people closer together, not pull them apart.homealone

Whether you are visiting, hosting, or traveling with family, make this holiday count by keeping things low-stress and focused on what’s most important – the people you love. Share your best techniques for having a happy holiday with us!