Welcome back to the everyStory blog!

With the beginning of the holiday shopping season swiftly approaching, consider incorporating the everyStory app into your holiday celebration or even as a digital gift! Some of best gifts on this planet are memories – specifically because they fuel bonds and connectivity between people and capture those precious moments in life that are simply priceless. If you already have a gift in mind, but feel it is lacking that certain personal touch, opt-in for an everyStory album instead of a holiday card, or incorporate your album into the gift itself! (Pssst…for all you party planners out there, you can also use the app as a digital party invite—try using the voiceover feature to add in party details onto some festive photos, and then ask everyone you invite to view the album to RSVP using their own voiceover.)

Here are the everyStory team’s recommendations on some versatile gift ideas that can be tailored to suit each of the important relationships in your life:

  • Sentimental – A great option for parents and grandparents since they can be tricky to buy for. This year, go the sentimental route and make an interactive photo album with the everyStory app! Compile all of your favorite memories and moments together, and narrate a voiceover to each image saying why they are important to you and why you are thankful for having them in your life. This gift idea is touching, heartfelt, and sincere – get ready for some tears (the good kind, we promise).
  • Romantic – Buying the right gift for your love can be an intimidating process. While tangible things (a nice bottle of cologne or a piece of jewelry) are lovely, the memories made from shared experiences are the most special. Incorporate an experiential element into your gift this year by creating a digital coupon book using the everyStory app. Some ideas might be a home-cooked dinner for two, a weekend getaway to a romantic destination, or an impromptu mid-week coffee date. Make sure to feature images of the two of you together and voice narrations of why you adore that person! holidaygifting
  • Funny – Great for relationships that are built on a more humoristic rapport; brotherly and sisterly love and close friendships often come with a very playful dynamic. Add some laughs to your gift by creating an interactive album of mildly embarrassing or funny photos (think old family photos, high-school and college years, or even memorable fashion faux-pas), including audio recordings of your best inside jokes.
  • Interactive – Design a scavenger hunt for someone special using the everyStory app. This can be done on any scale; keep it around the house or lead them around the entire town! Create clues for each destination with photos and the voiceover feature (don’t forget to leave a small gift at each pit-stop). A nice touch is to surprise them at the end with a larger gift or, even better, a hug or kiss!

Take your gifting to the next level this holiday season with the everyStory app. You can spice up your personalized presents by creating an interactive photo album highlighting your favorite memories with your loved one and customizing it for each person – grandparents, parents, siblings, that special someone, or a best friend. What’s on your holiday wish list?