Welcome back to the everyStory blog!

The week of turkey, pumpkin pie and all the fixings has finally arrived. Thanksgiving is such a meaningful holiday for us—it’s the perfect time to create unique and everlasting digital stories that document moments with your near and dear, and all of the bounties that 2015 has given you. If you are tackling the project of capturing the holidays for the first time, or if you need some creative inspiration, the everyStory app has got you covered. Here are the ins and outs of using our app—and the must-have snapshots and frames—to craft your interactive Thanksgiving album like a pro:

  • The Holiday Huddle. A given, but nonetheless, be sure to get a photo of the whole family together! For some families this can be a rare occasion if relatives are spread out across cities, countries, or even continents. If not all members are present, an everyStory album is a great way to share the holiday with all of your loved ones that are near or far. Our privacy feature gives you control over exactly who can access your album and add photos with unlimited voiceovers, so you can share your precious moments with as little or as many people as you’d like!

    Michael Phelps knows how to do the “Holiday Huddle.”

  • The Thanksgiving Spread. Give the chef some credit! Make sure to snap every crimson cranberry, succulent piece of turkey, and perfectly cut slice of pumpkin pie (ok, maybe Grandma’s marshmallow mystery dish, too). With everyStory, you can preserve the mouth-watering memory of your delicious feast to keep your foodie dreams alive until next year.
  • Details Galore. It’s in the details, right? Give your album some context and ambiance to take it to the next level! Including some shots of your home and the festive fall décor – a rustic cornucopia, the kids’ crafts from school, the changing of the leaves or the snow falling on the new set of twinkle lights– can make a world of difference years later when you want to remember the specifics of the day. Remember, details are the secret ingredient to preserving a specific memory in the most powerful and emotional way.

Now, let’s not forget the everyStory app’s voiceover feature as a versatile tool that can be used to capture the joy, gratitude, and laughter of your loved ones this Thanksgiving:

  • Give Thanks. Go around the table and have each person make a statement of what or whom they are thankful for—layer these recordings as a caption to your all-family photo for a perfect Thanksgiving memory!
  • Honor the Chef. Have the chef (or chefs!) in the house record accompanying audio to their most famous Thanksgiving dish, and be sure to include the end result or their hand-written original recipe for a more personal touch.
  • Include the kid’s table. Ask the younger family members what they think Thanksgiving is and record the responses. This should produce plenty of smiles for the grown-ups present, and also serves as a nice memory for the little ones once they’ve grown up.
  • Caption the turkey. A fun and comical game to lighten up a solemn or awkward dinner table: select the best shot of the Thanksgiving spread’s main installation and have each attendee record what the turkey is saying or thinking—this could be warbling and gobbling noises or a sarcastic comment, it all depends on the person!

How will you capture the Thanksgiving holiday? Share your albums and ideas in a comment below. Happy Thanksgiving from the everyStory family to yours!