Digital Therapeutics

Digital Therapeutics is becoming one of the cutting edge solutions to healthcare issues and is seen by many to be the next major wave in medical development.

EveryStory uses an Artificial Intelligence chat system (called Rachel) to directly engage with family members. Her goal is to simply have them send a few photos a week and record very small snippets of audio. EveryStory then has the ability to take those multiple pieces of media coming from different family members and interweave them into a seamless slideshow that has moving photos, while the stories the loved ones have told are being heard.

EveryStory is a closed system in which only the people who are specifically authorized to be within the residents group can add stories or audio. The way the resident experiences the stories is via a tablet that they view. The resident has no requested actions, nor has to learn any custom User Interface. For them, the product is simply a constantly updating tablet of stories for them to view at their leisure.

Overtime EveryStory hopes to learn the kind of stories each individual resident seems to enjoy the most, primarily through measuring how long specific stories are watched or how often they are replayed. With that information the system evolves and begins to create ever more customized stories for each resident trying to always generate stories that seem to be enjoyed the most.

The goal of Digital Therapeutics is to mirror an already effective treatment but use technology to scale it to an infinitely larger patient population.