Welcome to everyStory’s FAQ page. Below you will find the answers to questions that we hear most often. If you have questions for which the answers are not located below, please send us a message via the contact form or by direct email to team@everyStory.us.

Is everyStory free?
EveryStory is 100% free while it is still in beta. Once we launch there will be a premium version of the product for a monthly subscription.

Is there any way to increase storage space without paying?
Yes, everyStory is designed with an extensive referral program. For every user that is invited, both the original user and newly signed user will receive extra photos. On occasion, everyStory will have promotions that will result in higher referral bonuses. Users will be notified via email when these promotions are taking place.

What happens to my photos and stories if I reach my storage limit and choose not to pay, or stop paying, at some point in time?
If after beta you have reached your photo storage limit (Including photo storage gained from referrals), you will not be able to upload more photos without referring a friend or paying for the product. However, you will still be able to view your current photos, hear your audio, and watch your stories.

On which platforms is everyStory available?
everyStory is now available for iOS, Android and can be accessed from any browser with a computer. Currently, the web app serves as a tool to bulk upload photos that may be stored on your hard drive. The ability to tell and listen to stories on the web is coming soon.

Why are you offering apps by Macphun?
We believe that high quality photos lead to high quality stories. Macphun’s suite of easy-to-use apps help improve your favorite photos in more ways than you can imagine. In particular, editing apps like Snapheal, Intensify, Noiseless and Tonality can help you correct image problems and enhance creativity. More info and free trials to use on your own photos at www.macphun.com/downloads.