I love my grandparents.  I was raised in their house through most of my formative years while my mother went back to college.  My grandfather was a professional magician, and I remember him practicing new illusions or working out bits of patter on me in our basement surrounded by aisles of props.  I am extremely lucky to have so many good memories with them.

I have two sons whom I would love to be able to hear all of my grandparent’s stories the way I did.  But I know that time is not on my side.  By the time my kids are old enough to appreciate the stories my grandparents have to tell, I don’t think they will be able to hear them in person.

Three years ago I was diagnosed with colon cancer.  As I lay in my hospital bed, I feared that my son wouldn’t remember the sound of my voice.  I needed something to bridge the gap between when I could tell him everything I wanted him to hear and when he could really ‘hear’ it.  I found some applications that let me record audio, and some that let me record audio over images, but what I really wanted was a platform that would let me record dozens of hours of audio over hundreds of photos in a natural way and store it all securely.

I survived (with a bit less of a colon), but I still had the same fear of losing my families stories. The urgency was lessened for me, but it was still great for my grandparents.  So I built EveryStory.

Tom Brokaw coined the phrase “the greatest generation” to name my grandparents and their contemporaries.  Their generation invented the computer, built the interstate highway system and put a man on the moon. There’s an urgent need to capture their memories now, in their words. Your family’s story is important.

I hope you will join us in archiving our families.

– Dave Keene, CTO and Founder of EveryStory