Automatic Sports Car, High Performance and Energy Saving

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Automatic sports car is a line of automotive products today that are popular among modern people. This is because the automatic transmission system makes handling and driving comfort very easy for you. The automatic transmission system supports you in driving more effectively and efficiently. Especially when driving in dense urban areas.

Automatic Sports Car, High Performance and Energy Saving

Recommendations for the Best Automatic Sports Car that is Economical and Powerful

Many people think that sports cars have engines that waste fuel and are less environmentally friendly. However, as automotive technology develops, several car manufacturers have succeeded in combining high performance with better energy efficiency. Here are some recommendations for high-performance sports cars that are also energy efficient.

BMW i8

The BMW i8 is an automatic hybrid sports car that combines a turbocharged petrol engine with an electric motor. With this combination, you get high performance that can compete with conventional sports cars. However, this car is also fuel efficient and environmentally friendly when driving in electric mode. The BMW i8 has a futuristic appearance and a luxurious cabin. Making it a very attractive choice for sports car lovers who care about energy efficiency.

Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid

The Panamera E-Hybrid is an automatic car that combines luxury and high performance with energy-saving hybrid technology. Using a V6 or V8 petrol engine, together with an electric motor, this car can provide fast acceleration and high speed. However, you can also drive in full electric mode for more efficient daily commuting. Advanced features and comfort in the cabin make the Porsche Panamera an attractive choice in the automatic car segment.

Lexus LC 500h

The Lexus LC 500h is an automatic sports car that carries the concept of a “performance hybrid.” The powerful petrol V6 engine is paired with an electric motor to provide high performance while maintaining fuel efficiency. This car has an elegant and futuristic design, as well as a luxurious cabin with various advanced features. You can enjoy high speed with fuel economy while driving this car.

Audi RS7 Sportback

The RS7 Sportback is a high-performance sports car powered by a twin-turbocharged V8 engine. However, Audi also offers an RS7 Sportback variant which is equipped with mild hybrid technology to improve fuel efficiency. While not as economical as a full hybrid car, this feature helps reduce fuel consumption when driving under certain conditions. This car offers comfort, luxury, and extraordinary performance.

These are some recommendations for high-performance automatic sports cars that also save energy. Proving that automotive technology continues to develop to provide quality and environmentally friendly vehicles. Before deciding to buy a sports car, be sure to consider a more efficient hybrid vehicle. So you can feel the sensation of driving fast without having to sacrifice energy savings.