Dongfeng eπ 007 Latest Chinese Sports Car, Fantastic Price

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Dongfeng has officially launched its new sub-brand, Dongfeng eπ 007. This sports saloon focuses on new energy vehicles to help Dongfeng achieve 100% electrification by 2024.

At the launch event, the first model of eπ, the eπ 007, made its debut. As reported by Car News China, the 007 model will be available in a pure electric version and a version with a range extender. In addition, it is hoped that pre-sales can begin by the end of this year.

For Dongfeng, the letter ‘e’ represents electricity, energy, exploration and emotion. While the letter ‘π’ reflects the human scientific spirit to explore the unknown.

Currently, there are three main brands under the company. They are Voyah, Warrior, and Dongfeng. They cover the market from mid-range to high-end involving petrol-powered and new energy vehicles.

In addition, the Dongfeng brand also includes sub-brands such as Aeolus, Forthing, eπ, Venucia, and Nammi. The year 2025 is Dongfeng’s new energy vehicle sales target of more than 1 million units.

Dongfeng eπ 007

Design and Dimension of Dongfeng eπ 007

The eπ 007 is a mid-to-large sedan with dimensions of 4880/1895/1460 mm and a wheelbase of 2915 mm. It is aimed at a younger consumer group.

The new design features frameless scissor doors and electric wings, bringing the drag coefficient to 0.209Cd. When launched, the eπ 007 will compete with the BYD Han and Changan Qiyuan A07.

The entire Dongfeng eπ 007 range is also complete with a level 2+ driving assistance system. It gets support from 31 perception sensors. So it can realise capabilities such as memory-based parking and obstacle avoidance.

Engine Variants and Performance

In addition, power comes from the Dongfeng Mach E power system, which is available in single and dual motor versions.

Single motor version:

  • Low power version: 160 kW electric motor
  • As for the high-power version: 200 kW electric motor

The dual-motor version is armed with two 200 kW electric motors and has an official 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 3 seconds. In addition, a lithium iron phosphate type battery is available.

The range extender model has a comprehensive range of up to 1,200 km and an electric energy consumption of 11.9 kWh per 100 km. With fast charging, charging the battery from 30% to 80% takes only 26 minutes.

It comes with a futuristic design, advanced safety features, and high performance. So eπ 007 enters the market with confidence.

With a new energy vehicle sales target of more than 1 million units by 2025, Dongfeng confirms its position as a leader in the future-focused car industry.

For consumers looking for a combination of style, technology and range, the Dongfeng eπ 007 is an attractive option in the world of electric sedans.