Toyota GR 86 Engine Specs, Reliable Performance Classy Design

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Many automotive lovers want to know what the Toyota GR 86 engine specs are. This is because the car is a quality sport. Because the quality is promising, this car has strong specifications in its class.

Toyota GR 86 Engine Specs, Reliable Performance Classy Design

These powerful specifications are visible in various sectors. One of them is in the machinery sector. This is what makes this car have many fans.

Toyota GR 86 Engine Specs Review

This car has very strong engine specifications. This is because the car has a petrol engine with a capacity of 2387 cc.

With the Toyota GR 86 engine, this car is capable of producing a peak torque of up to 250 nm. Then for the Toyota GR 86 top speed, the power is 232 hp.

Still talking about the engine, this car has a capacity of 4 passengers. Then there is also transmission support in the form of a 6-speed automatic.

The quality is even more promising because it is equipped with a Central Locking & Power Door Locks security system. This is what makes the car feel safer to use wherever it goes.

Toyota GR 86 Specs

Apart from the specifications in the engine sector, it is no less interesting to know how the design is. This car has an amazing design because its length measures 4265 mm.

Then the width reaches 1755 mm. Next, the wheelbase measures 2575 mm. Meanwhile, the ground clearance reaches 130 mm.

Talking about specifications, of course, it feels more complete if we discuss the features. This car has complete and adequate features.

In the interior, there is a Sunvisor and Adjustable Headrest. Then for the interior, there are electric rearview mirrors, integrated antennas, rear spoiler and much more.

Toyota GR 86 vs Honda Civic Si

According to Wikipedia, Toyota is a car manufacturer from Japan which is the largest manufacturer in the world. This is what makes every car so classy.

Regarding this, there’s no harm in comparing it with the Honda Civic Si. This is because both of them are sports cars.

In the first comparison, you can look at the engine capacity. For this comparison, the Toyota car is certainly superior. This is because the Honda Civic Si has an engine capacity of only 1500 cc.

However, if you compare them in terms of design, the Honda Civic Si looks more attractive. This is because the car has an aggressive exterior design.

At the front, there is a black grille. Then at the back, there is a thin ducktail spoiler.

After reading the description above, you know what the Toyota GR 86 engine specs are. By knowing this, you can understand how high-quality the car is. It’s not surprising that many automotive lovers want to own one.